It’s 19th of January, which in layman terms means that 95% of the people already quit their New Year’s resolutions. Happily my biggest New Year Resolution actually started almost 2 years ago on 29th of January… To take better care of myself, my body and my soul. Somehow I am still on this train and haven’t managed to derail it.

Keto – It’s been a while I’ve done actual and real full blown KETO diet, but I mostly maintain my current weight with very low downward tendency of 1kg per month, which more or less occurs naturally. A lot of cheat days, if I want something I just get it, but more or less it keeps me from going full blown old school – eat only sugar and bread. This small change resulted in -60 kilograms of my weight in what soon gonna be 2 years.

Reading – I try to do some reading every week, at least couple hours overall. Mostly done in bed on my Kindle Paperwhite, which is one of those awesome gadgets I cannot imagine my life anymore. Reading mostly fiction, fantasy. Last two books that I devoured this year were from Jim Butcher – Peace Talks and Battle Ground. Definitely help me in relaxing after long day of work and even 3-4 hours per week can turn into a book, especially if you get into it.

Exercise – I go to gym, semi-regularly and lift some weights, but I do it in a very non-structured way, without following any programs. I’ve came to realize I can get better results if I focus more onto it, but couple attempts lead to burnout and I decided to just do it consistently even if I get minor effect. The schedule I follow consistently is better than a schedule which I will not follow.

Hiking – Biggest small change I’ve done in my life. It is one of those things that put a structure in my life, it’s where I think the best, it’s where I plan the best and I just feel the best. There hasn’t been a month in the lat two years where I’ve went lower than 17k average daily steps in a month. It’s a great addition to the keto diet and major contribution to my weight loss.

There are some things and system I want to implement in my life, but this is a great start and those small habits are a huge part of what I am today.

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