#About Me

Hello world.

What’s better than a cheesy start to this blog’s history.

Well, long story short –> This is my blog/website/shrine/small place online. These might be some random 0s and 1s, but they are mine and I am free to reorder them in any way I want. And that means a lot.

Well long story longer. I am a Software Engineer working as a contractor for a Fortune 500 company. Started my career in this sphere 4 years ago as a QA and made the switch officially last year(2022), after eying it for a while. The project I work is mostly Java, some GroovyScript and custom workflow engine.

However I also play a bit with WordPress, a lil bit of Python, Django, Django RestFramework and HTMX, however these are mostly used for some small personal pet projects. I also manage two VPSes hosted by Hetzner, which have couple small tools that I use, like backup solutions and use as personal playground.

I enjoy hiking and I intend to share a lot of cool places with you. I enjoy reading books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy(GNU Sir Terry Pratchett) and I think I will share some of my thoughts on those with you. I do love playing with different technologies, be it software or hardware and I am planning on sharing some of those in here.

While this blog is public, it’s intended user is well… me. I want to keep track of important things for me, and just have a quick way to share things.

As I am not a big fan of comments in blogs as I believe that blog comments are terrible format for conversation, I will be disabling them. For any questions, thoughts or anything you want to share, feel free to poke me at hi@axython.com 🙂