Selfishness as defined by “Selfishness is being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one’s own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.” and usually considered a negative trait in someones personality. In fact it is one of the seven deadly sins in Christianity. I am here to argue that selfishness does not have to be a vice. It can be a virtue. It can be something you look for in a person.

It all really depends on the definition of “self”. In most normal conversation it is usually defined as “me”, “I”, however not everyone thinks like that. Some people threat their closest friends as extension of themselves i.e they are part of the “self”. If you treat all the important people as yours, as part of you, and consider their lives, dreams and hopes as yours, then selfishness can be a strong weapon and virtue. Protect them. Save them. Walk the gale for them. Keep away the wolves. Your land. Your World. How dare anything hurt what is yours. You have a duty.

Some other examples from my professional experience. There are people who write automation on things, because they are lazy and to save some time. This then can be shared to “your people” and help them. This in theory can lead to getting noticed and promotions. You were selfish in the beginning and you got results for being selfishness, but you also made other peoples life a bit easier and better.

However, obviously there is selfishness and selfishness. Some of it can obviously be looked from outside as a vice, however even in that case a bit of selfishness is good. There are people out there that believe they have to be selfish, get in position of power/money and then be able to help the world most by making bigger donations or changing the outcomes of important situations with their power.

As in everything in life finding the balance is a key.

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